Rocks Edge Hand Brake Strap

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The Best zipline hand brake strap there is! Works with nearly any glove, but designed to work best with Rocks Edge Zipline Client Glove.

Rocks Edge is pleased to offer a revolutionary Hand Brake Strap designed by Challenge Design Innovations. This leather pad addresses the wear and abrasion that takes place when applying pressure to the cable for stopping. The brake pad easily fits over our Professional Series and Client Gloves to extend glove life. Without a doubt, this is the best Hand Brake Support in the industry. Improve your bottom line and client experience with this extremely durable and much-needed glove support.

• Revolutionary concept by Challenge Design Innovations and High Country Hardware
• Offers the extra support needed for hand braking
• Attaches easily to our Professional Series and Client Gloves
• Only one Brake Strap needed per client
• One size fits all
• Adjustable closure for a better fit
• Premium cowhide leather
• Easily connected to harness loop when not in use by Rangers/Guides

 Glove not included. 

Package size is 48 per box