Edelrid Radialis AIR Full Body Harness

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A particularly well adjustable and versatile full-body harness for use in high ropes courses with a DORSAL connection.

The color differentiation of the shoulder, hip and leg loop straps enables the harness to be put on intuitively and for quick and reliable control by the trainer staff. The total of eight Slide Block buckles ensure a optimal adjustment across a wide range of sizes.

Thanks to the dorsal eyelet tested according to EN 361, the RADIALIS AIR offers an additional attachment point, for example for use with leaping elements. The labeling field and the integrated RFID transponder enable personalization and simplify the documentation of the use of the belt considerably.


    • Stitched webbing terminations designed so that straps cannot be completely unthreaded
    • Central D-ring for attaching a lanyard
    • Integrated RFID transponder
    • Abrasion-resistant polyester straps with indicator threads
    • Color-coded differentiation of the harness parts
    • Additional, dorsal eyelet for use with pamper pole or free fall elements
    • Comfortable padding elements on the back and hips

    Technical information

    • Certification: EN 12277
    • Material: Polyester / Polyamide

    Radialis Air Adult 

    • max. leg loop circumference: 33 in
    • min. leg loop circumference: 9.8 in
    • max. waist size: 59 in
    • min. waist size: 18 in

    Radialis Air Junior 

    • max. leg loop circumference: 26 in
    • min. leg loop circumference: 10 in
    • max. waist size: 43 in
    • min. waist size: 18 in