French Creek X-Heart Harness

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A great full-body harness with a wide range of capabilitiesThis is a full body ropes course/canopy zip harness, with 8 different adjustable buckles; it fits most participants from 70lbs - 270lbs. Harness has 4 connection points that meet or exceed the OSHA/ANSI strength standard.
Constructed of 1-3/4" 6000 lb. webbing, this full body harness has a wide range of capabilities. Girth (hard point) attachment loop in front center with heavy duty wear protector. Waist is adjustable from each side, two leg adjustments. Has torso height adjustments in front and rear. Has additional front chest connection point to aid in keeping the rider upright. Harness comes in one universal size. Buckle connections are fixed so they cannot be taken apart and webbing cannot be unthreaded. Standard harness comes in black with right silver leg to aid in donning.