Maillon Rapide Quick Link

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Rapid Links (aka "Rapides" or "Quick-Links") are steel screw-links designed for fastening. Canyoneers and climbers use them for constructing anchors, mainly for the "bottom point" of the anchor, where the rope runs. They provide critical connections for trolleys, balay devices, cables and cable hardware. They must be inspected regularly but can last for many years even in the harshest of outdoor environments.

Safe Working Load is a rating system that designates the largest weight that can be hoisted with that link. SWL accounts for some degree of shockloading that is expected in industrial applications. Generally, the breaking strength is five times the SWL.

Maillon Rapide: Quick Link

The big strength of the Maillon Rapide (Quick Link) lies in its effectiveness. Despite their small size, they have a matchless strength, further checked by traction tests during the whole manufacturing process. Safety margin is 5 times the guaranteed working load limit (WLL). These rapid Links are great for use on ropes courses and climbing walls.