Affordable Portables

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Affordable Portables: A Working Book of Initiative Activities & Problem Solving Elements
By: Chris Cavert, EdD

Affordable Portables is an essential tool for counselors, educators, trainers, and others interested in beginning or boosting an experiential challenge program at minimal cost. Activity descriptions include instructions for course and activity construction, tips on group facilitating, and suggested discussion questions for processing. Games/demonstrations focus on enhancing inventiveness, resourcefulness, problem-solving techniques, and pro-social skills.

Activities contributed by: Lori Armstrong, Brian Brolin, Jim Cain, Madeline Constantine, Lenny Diamond, Craig Dobkin, Clay Fiske, Jackie Gerstein, Frank Harris, Clifford E. Knapp, Earl LaBlanc, Tom Leahy, Karl Rohnke, Sam Sikes, Tom Smith & Scott Trent.