Climbing Wall Rock Hold: Detachable Climbing Wall Hold - Face Plate and cleat ONLY

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Ideal faceplate for removable climbing holds.

The Association for Challenge Course Technology requires access
prevention to limit your liability. Challenge Course Builders recommend
removable hand holds, such as The Flat Face 4. The Flat Face 4 got the
name because the aluminum wall plate attaches to the wall flat, thus
preventing un-welcomed climbers. The 4 is there because any hand hold
can be used 4 different ways. The Flat Face 4 fits snugly into the
stationary base for climbing comfort. At the end of your climbing day,
the handhold is easily removed by your staff.

Can be used with our hand hold or your choice of hand holds. Easily mounted,

By purchasing this item you will receive 1 wall plate, 1 hand hold mount, and 6 - 2 5/8 or 2 1/2 deckboard screws.

!! No hand hold is included with this item.