EZ Adjust Y Lanyard Lobster Claws

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A modern alternative to the traditional spliced lobster claws, these y-lanyards are made of ANSI rated components with sewn rope terminations. Super grippy rope and sliding hitches allow for secure user adjustment. Ideal for traditional ropes courses, challenge courses, and static belay systems.

The modern solution for sites operating with traditional lobster claws.  The EZ Adjust Y Lanyard provides a more durable and quality assured product that maintains the intuitive, fast adjustment that a hitch provides.  Great for user adjustment to limit fall potential and providing varying levels of tension on challenge elements.  Outfit your site with compliant equipment that doesn't change the way you operate.

Options to suit your site:
  • Triple action carabiner harness attachment option for quick on and off scenarios 
  • Loop harness attachment option for girth hitching the assembly
  • Small snap hooks for optimal connector loading and weight
  • Large snap hooks for easy manipulation and racking the hooks over a trolley on zip lines
Quality controlled manufacturing:
  • Sewn rope terminations mean no unraveling spliced terminations
  • Exceeds ANSI Z359.3 standards for adjustable positioning lanyards 
  • Labeled with manufacture dates to ensure proper equipment tracking
Grippy rope:
  • Solid braid rope construction makes for easy visual inspection
  • Minimal slippage of the adjustment in the event of a fall
  • Rope will slightly fuzz over time to provide improved maintenance of adjustment length
Easy adjustment:
  • Unique hitch design allows for secure adjustment
  • User adjustment is quick, simple, and matches the feel of three strand lobster claws
  • Slide and grip hitch can be released under load in the event of a rescue


    • Carabiner Material: Steel
    • Rope Construction: Solid Braid
    • Adjustability: 3.5 ft to 6 ft
    • Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs
    • Shelf Life: 10 years