ISC Zipspeed Tandem Trolley with Bumper

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The NEW Zipspeed Tandems represent industry leading Zipline Trolley innovation at its most affordable!

The design of this mid-sized trolley uses state of the art engineering techniques to ensure that the Trolley will run and run!

The Zipspeed Tandems are fitted with rubber sealed, deep groove bearings for optimal performance and a lifespan of several thousand miles/km. The side plates are made from Aerospace Grade 7075 Aluminium, to minimise flex. We have also introduced a rubber brake buffer to help to absorb the impact at the end of the run. The main attachment point is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of Karabiners & Snaphooks. There are extra attachment holes for a secondary lanyard and a small central hole which can be used to fit an accessory (handle bar etc).

We offer versions for 13mm (1/2"), 16mm (5/8") or 20mm (3/4") Wire and the centre redundancy axle is fitted with a colour coded collar, for easy identification.


  • Optimal Speed Range                  45-60mph/72-96kph
  • Max Recommended Speed          69mph/111kph

Guidance on selection of suitable trolleys for ziplines includes choosing a trolley which will be appropriate to the speeds stated above but most important of all it is essential that the customer trials a small number of trolley’s and approves them as suitable for their lines prior to purchasing batches for commercial use on the lines. Please note that whenever we state any of the speeds listed above, they must only be used as a guideline due to the many variables outside of our control such as:

  • Quality/ smoothness of the cable
  • Distance of the run
  • Rider weights
  • Environmental factors (eg salt spray near coasts or slate grit near quarries)
  • Ambient temperature
  • Maintenance regime
  • The above variables will also affect the lifespan of the bearings

Technical Information

(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 40
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf) 8,992
EZYiD Available on request
Wheel material Stainless steel
Finish Anodised
Weight (grams) 875
Weight (ounces) 31

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